Emergency Dentist For Kids in Aurora, CO

Childhood cuts, scrapes, and broken bones are commonplace, especially for the littlest of daredevils. So, it’s not surprising that most kids can also expect to have an emergency trip to the dentist. Not only are we prepared for that, but we are also open on Saturdays and accept Medicaid. It’s easy to see why we’re the top dentistry for children. At Comfort Dental Kids, we provide urgent dental care for kids so that your little one can start feeling better – fast!

father and son standing with pediatric dentistsIf you are looking for the best emergency dentist for kids in Aurora, CO, give us a call today. Calling after business hours? Leave a message and you will receive a reply shortly.

Our emergency appointments can help children suffering from:

Knocked-Out Baby Tooth

Is your child suffering from a knocked out baby tooth? Baby teeth should NOT be put back into the mouth because it may damage the growing permanent tooth.

If a baby tooth is knocked out, call to make an emergency appointment right away. Our dentists will examine your child’s mouth to ensure that there are no other hidden injuries along their jawline.

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

Did a permanent tooth get knocked out? If so, contact our Aurora dental office immediately as time is critical!

If you are able to locate the lost tooth, gently rinse off any dirt with room temperature water. Hold the tooth by the crown, not the root, and do not scrub it. Place the tooth into its socket and have your child hold the tooth in place. If you are not able to reinsert the tooth, put it in a cup with milk and bring it to the office.

Broken Tooth

pediatric dental hygienist with her patient and patient's momRinse dirt from the injured area of the broken tooth with warm water. Place a cold compress over the face in the area of the injury to reduce swelling and ease discomfort.

Be sure to call our office immediately to assess further injuries, prevent infection, and repair the tooth!


If the face is swollen due to a tooth infection, it could progress into a serious medical situation. Place a cold compress on the face until your child is treated. Call our office for an emergency appointment to evaluate where the infection is and how to treat it.

Questions About Our Urgent Dental Care For Children?

Looking for the best urgent dental care for kids in Aurora, CO? Give Comfort Dental Kids a call today! If you are calling after-hours, leave a message and you will receive a reply shortly.

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