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Don’t want to wait until your child has a full set of teeth before taking them to the dentist for the first time? At Comfort Dental Kids of Aurora our pediatric dental specialists are here to ensure that your little ones (ages 0-18), get the proper preventive care they need. This, paired with healthy and consistent oral care habits at home can help your child achieve a healthy smile for life!

The Best Time To Start Seeing A Dentist

The standard recommendation from pediatric dentistry specialists is that all children should have their first dental visit early—very early. The first dental appointment should happen at least by the time your child turns one.

At Comfort Dental Kids, the first dental appointment typically doesn’t last long. Our team will simply check that the teeth, oral cavity, and airway are developing as they should be. If a few teeth are in, we can also spot any early signs of decay and plaque build-up. We will also do a cleaning or fluoride treatment as needed.

The first appointment is also for parents! We will discuss proper brushing techniques for your young child and how to avoid feeding habits that can inadvertently promote cavities. We might also talk about feeding, when to switch to fluoride toothpaste, thumb-sucking habits, and important developmental milestones.

pediatric dentist with his patientDental Examinations & Checkups

For most children, twice-yearly dental examinations and checkups are key to protecting their smiles for years to come. Even so, your child may require additional treatments or care depending upon their current oral health.

Our thorough dental examinations and checkups are conducted using gentle hands and the latest dental technologies to ensure that your child’s experience in the dental chair is efficient and productive. To get the best view of your child’s mouth, teeth, and oral structures, we use digital x-rays as part of our examinations.

Protective Dental Sealants

Did you know that even kids who take good care of their teeth still get cavities?

Comfort Dental Kids can identify the teeth most likely to develop cavities and apply sealants to them to prevent tooth decay and bacteria buildup. Sealants will coat the surface of the tooth and prevent decay-causing bacteria from accumulating. Sealants cost much less than fillings, and the procedure is completely painless.

We’ll give you and your child advice on how to care for sealants and inspect them during each visit!
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Space Maintenance

One of the functions of baby teeth is to save space for permanent teeth when they’re ready to emerge from the gums.

If your child happens to lose a tooth early due to an injury or tooth decay, we can save that space by inserting a space maintainer appliance. Without a space maintainer, the other teeth may shift into the opening which will likely cause orthodontic issues down the road.

Questions About Our Pediatric Preventive Care Services?

Has your child never visited a dentist before? Are they overdue for a cleaning? If you are looking for the best pediatric dentist in Aurora, call Comfort Dental Kids to schedule your appointment today!

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