Emergency Dentist For Kids in Centennial, CO

You do everything you can to keep your child safe from injuries, but that doesn’t mean that emergency dentist appointments won’t happen from time to time. With Medicaid accepted and Saturday office hours, it’s easy to see why we’re the top dentistry for children providing urgent dental care for kids.

Dr. Flake with pediatric dental patient and parentIf you are looking for the best emergency dentist for kids in Centennial, CO, give us a call today. Calling after business hours? Leave a message for our emergency dentist and you will receive a reply shortly.

Here is some advice – straight from our pediatric dentists! – on how to deal with some common dental injuries:

Knocked-Out Baby Tooth

Although most dentists would suggest putting a lost permanent tooth back in place, the opposite should be done with baby teeth. Keep the area as clean as possible and schedule an emergency dentist appointment right away so that our team can examine the mouth for hidden damage!

Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth

Has your child suffered the loss of a permanent tooth? If so, call us immediately and do your best to keep the tooth safe in the meantime!

Rinse (don’t scrub) the tooth with warm water, holding it by the crown, not the root. Once this prep work is complete, have your child fit the missing tooth back into place until you arrive at our office. If they are unable to reinsert the tooth, put it in a cup with milk and bring it to the appointment.

Broken Tooth

emergency dental center at Comfort Dental KidsHas your child suffered a broken tooth? Rinse the area with warm water before placing a cold compress over the face to reduce swelling. Call our office immediately for tooth repair and to assess further injuries.


Swelling stemming from a tooth infection could progress into a dangerous medical situation. Call our office for an emergency appointment for speedy evaluation and treatment. In the meantime, place a cold compress on the face to reduce pain and swelling.

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Your child deserves the best urgent dental care for kids in Centennial, CO! Give Comfort Dental Kids a call today!

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