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Did you know that your child should attend their first dental appointment long before they get a full set of baby teeth? At Comfort Dental Kids of Centennial our pediatric dental specialists are here to ensure that your little ones (ages 0-18+) receive gentle care that’s always prevention-based.

Our Centennial office features a dedicated play room filled with enough toys and arcade games to keep little hands busy. Even better, our rooms are equipped with TVs so your child can enjoy their favorite show while sitting in the dentist’s chair!

When Should My Child Have Their First Dental Appointment?

Dentists agree that most children should attend their first appointment by age 1, or 6 months after the appearance of their tooth.

At Comfort Dental Kids, we work hard to make all dental appointments efficient ones. When examining our littlest patients, our team will check that the teeth, oral cavity, and airway is healthy and developing well. If your child already has several baby teeth, we can assess them for decay and might even recommend a gentle fluoride treatment for extra preventive care.

The first appointment isn’t just for your little one – it’s also for you! Our pediatric specialists will run through today’s best dental practices for kids that you can follow right at home. If your child’s case requires it, we might also discuss things like feeding, fluoride, thumb-sucking habits, and dental developmental milestones.

pediatric dentists sitting with dental patientRoutine Dental Examinations & Checkups

Most growing mouths only require twice-yearly cleanings and examinations to keep them healthy. That said, your child may need more extensive oral care based on their current health.

Curious about our preventive care process? At Comfort Dental Kids, our dental examinations and checkups make use of the latest dental technologies to deliver care that’s always speedy and precise. To get the best view of your child’s oral health, we use digital and panoramic x-rays as part of our examinations!

Dental Sealants Designed For Security

Even the most conscientious of dental patients still suffer cavities from time-to-time – but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop decay in its path!

At Comfort Dental Kids, we identify weak or decaying areas in your child’s teeth and “lock away” damaging bacteria using dental sealants. The treatment is quick, painless, and much more cost-effective than dental fillings.

After your child’s dental sealants are placed, we will provide you with all the information you need to keep them intact and long-lasting.

Protective Space Maintenance

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Has your child lost a baby tooth early due to injury or decay? If so, our pediatric dentists can save that space by placing a customized space maintainer appliance. This straightforward appliance can help stop serious orthodontic problems from developing down the road!

Ready To Learn More About Our Pediatric Preventive Care Services?

Is your child overdue for a dental examination and cleaning? Has your child never visited the dentist before?

If you are looking for the best pediatric dentist in Centennial, CO, call Comfort Dental Kids to schedule your appointment today. Se habla español!

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