Pediatric Preventive Care in Thornton, CO

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The pediatric dental specialists at Comfort Dental Kids of Thornton, CO are here to ensure that little ones (ages 0-18+) get the preventive care they need to lead healthy lives. With regular trips to our dentist’s office and consistent care at home, you can help your child achieve a healthy smile for life!

When Your Child Should First Visit The Dentist

Pediatric dental specialists agree that most children should attend their first appointment by age 1, or 6 months after the appearance of their tooth.

At Comfort Dental Kids, a child’s first dental appointment is typically a short one. Your child’s teeth, oral cavity, and airway will be assessed to ensure that they are developing properly. If there are several teeth present, we will examine them for signs of decay. In some cases, a cleaning or a fluoride treatment may be recommended.

Your child’s first appointment isn’t just for them – it’s also for you! As a way to educate parents, we discuss everything from healthy brushing habits to feeding concerns that could cause cavities down the line. Other topics that might be discussed include thumb-sucking, fluoride use, and important dental milestones.

dentist and hygienist with pediatric patientDental Examinations & Checkups

Twice-yearly examinations are the norm for most children, but your child might require further treatments depending upon their current oral health.

All of our dental examinations and checkups are conducted thoroughly and efficiently using advanced dental technologies. With digital and panoramic x-rays, we get an in-depth look into your child’s mouth during examinations.

Dental Sealants

Unfortunately, some children are more susceptible to cavities than others. Comfort Dental Kids can identify the teeth most likely to develop cavities and apply sealants to them to prevent tooth decay and bacteria buildup.

Even better, dental sealants are painless when applied and are much more cost-effective than dental fillings. After this quick treatment, we will give both you and your child advice on how to maximize the lifespan of the sealants.

kids smiling with their dentist after teeth cleaning

Space Maintenance

Did you know that baby teeth save room for permanent teeth? This means that if your child loses a baby tooth early, other teeth can shift which can cause orthodontic problems down the line. With an oral appliance called a space maintainer, we can save the space that the missing tooth left so that the permanent tooth can grow in as it should.

Ready To Schedule Your Child’s Pediatric Preventive Care Appointment?

Is your child overdue for a cleaning? If you are looking for the best pediatric dentist in Thornton, call Comfort Dental Kids to schedule your appointment today!

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