Reveal® Clear Aligners in Thornton, CO

Does your child have a crooked or crowded smile? If so, did you know that they can get straighter teeth at the very same dentist’s office they already know and trust? At Comfort Dental Kids of Thornton, CO, we offer a wide range of services in one convenient location including orthodontic treatment using Reveal Clear Aligners.

orthodontic patient holding her Reveal clear aligners

We proudly provide the very best clear aligners in Thornton because our doctors know that no two patients are alike! During your child’s consultation, our team will examine their complete medical history to determine which treatment plan would work best for their body as well as their lifestyle.

What Are Reveal Clear Aligners?

Reveal is a clear aligners system similar to Invisalign® that uses a series of crystal-clear aligners designed to move your child’s teeth into a more correct position. They serve as a healthy, discreet, and more convenient alternative to traditional metal braces.

Your child can begin their journey to straighter teeth during their consultation with our seasoned pediatric dentists. During this appointment, our doctors will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth to determine if Reveal is right for them. If your child is, in fact, a great candidate, they will receive a series of crystal-clear aligners made to be disposed of every 2 weeks or so. As your child makes their way through the prescribed set of aligners, their teeth will gradually straighten. No metal required!

Benefits Of Clear Aligners

The Reveal system comes with a long list of benefits including:
child smiling for an orthodontic evaluation

  • Stain-Free & Biocompatible. Made exclusively from ClearWear™ materials, each set of aligners is holistically healthy and made to last. Your child will never experience staining or wear-and-tear!
  • No Dietary Restrictions. Unlike traditional metal braces, Reveal Clear Aligners are designed to be removed during meals so that your child can still enjoy all their favorite foods. They can also stick to the same oral care routine, too!
  • Discreet Wear. Teens love Reveal’s crystal-clear design.
  • 5-Year Assurance Plan. Reveal offers 5-year assurance plans to all patients.

How Much Do Reveal Clear Aligners Cost?

Your child’s total clear aligners cost will depend on the following:

  • The length of their orthodontic treatment
  • Whether any preliminary treatments are required
  • The terms of their dental insurance plan

At Comfort Dental Kids, we make it easy to manage your child’s clear aligners’ costs. We accept a wide range of insurance plans, including state Medicaid and CHP+. We also work with third-party lenders, CareCredit® and LendingClub for no-interest and low-interest monthly payment plans.

Give Your Child The Gift Of A Straight Smile!

Call our Thornton, CO dental office today to schedule your child’s Reveal Clear Aligners consultation. Se habla español!

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