Sedation Dentistry For Kids in Thornton, CO

The entire team at Comfort Dental Kids works hard to ensure that your child’s time in the dental chair is a relaxing and productive one. That’s why our Thornton, CO team regularly works with local hospitals to conduct our sedation dentistry for kids procedures, prescribing general anesthesia to children who need extra support during treatments.  That’s why we’re the top pediatric dentist in Thornton providing sedation dentistry for kids.

girl sitting on dental chair ready for her teeth cleaningComfort Dental Kids is proud to be the largest service provider in the Thornton area for general anesthesia for kids. This special service has many benefits, including:

  • A more comfortable recovery
  • Minimized risk to the child
  • A better treatment outcome

Who Needs Sleep Dentistry For Kids?

Not all parents need to request general anesthesia for their children’s dental visits, but many should!

Here are some examples of children who are great candidates for this service:

Children With Special Healthcare Needs

Does your child have special healthcare needs that might inhibit them from sitting through and/or following instructions during a dental procedure? The Comfort Dental Kids of Thornton team is trained to treat children with special healthcare needs. Their training has also made it possible to assess your child’s unique case and recommend the most comfortable course of treatment for them.

Children Who Require Extensive Dental Treatment

If we determine that your child requires multiple services at once,  general anesthesia for kids may be recommended. With sedation dentistry, our team has the ability to work more efficiently so that your child gets all necessary treatments during as little as one session!

Very Young Children

Is your young child in need of dental treatments? If so, our pediatric dentists may recommend sedation dentistry for kids. We find that these services can make difficult experiences in the dental chair simple ones for the patient.

Sleep Dentistry For Children & Hospital Sedation

Comfort Dental Kids conducts most sleep dentistry services at local hospitals. We do this so that our patients are under the supervision of a licensed anesthesiologist in the safest environment possible.

If it is determined that your child’s procedure can be performed in a dental office environment, your child may be able to get the same sleep dentistry service performed at our Lakewood, CO location.

During your child’s consultation, our pediatric dental team will work together to create a treatment plan that fits their needs.

CARE Dental Surgical Center of Denver

General Anesthesia Dentistry For Children

Some children require general anesthesia to undergo certain dental treatments. If we recommend this level of sedation for your child, the Comfort Dental Kids team will be there for them throughout the entire process. We offer general anesthesia both in our office with Carepoint and off-site at the Children’s Hospital and CARE Dental Surgical Center of Denver. No matter the setting, you can rest assured knowing that the top dental professionals in the area are caring for your child.

Mild Sedation Dentistry For Children

Sleep dentistry works wonders for some children – but what about the kids that don’t need general anesthesia and who still face challenges in the dentist’s chair?

Traditionally, dental offices use restrictive papoose boards for behavior management, but we find that these tools can make things more stressful for the child than they should be. As an alternative, we can use a safe, mild sedative that wears off quickly!

Ready To Schedule Your Child’s Sedation Dentistry Appointment?

Comfort Dental Kids believes that every child deserves calm, comfortable trips to the dentist! If you have any questions about our sedation dentistry for kids service in Thornton, CO, give us a call today.

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